Monday, August 8, 2016

McLellan/Head Lake Trip

We spent the past four days at the lake with both my family and Adam's.  We have tried to do this the past few summers and its alway a fun time.  Not everyone was able to come for the entire time, but we did make some memories--mostly good with a few un-welcomed ones thrown in for good measure.
Peyton was super excited to have been entrusted with the throttle and the steering wheel on this lake trip.  He is thrilled to be the chauffeur around on the lake, he did a great job and loved every second of it!
Lawson enjoyed helping to pull up the anchor.
There was tubing fun had by all.
This was the summer of "firsts"; the first time Peyton and Lawson crossed over the wake on skies and the kneeboard and the first time Emerson was able to ski on the training board.
There was a little pep talk for Em, followed by me hanging onto the back of the board and basically doing a plank across the lake while being pulled behind the boat (as I hung onto the training board he was standing on-- got a good arm workout in that day!)  But these are the lengths parents go to in order to help their kids right?!  No matter what, a big "Yay Emie", goes out to him cause he did great!
Adam caught big air multiple times; here's the set-up and several big air shots (courtesy of Gigi!)
Way to go Poppy, he's still got it!
G-Dad and Whitney got with it too.  
We had lots of down time just hanging in the water.  There was sun, fun and a little whining thrown in, but all in all, it really was a fun few days.  
We decided to do a little challenge of who can do the craziest dismount off the party barge, over the tube and into the water...I think Bill Head (aka Poppy) gets about an 8.5 on this one!  The video is hilarious, it takes a minute to get there, but the end is hysterical!!
I started to get a little bit irked when the raindrops began falling and then turned into a full-out down pour---being cold and completely soaked is not my idea of a good time.  This too was a first for me, I've never sat in a cove while rain fell hard and cold...unfortunately, now I can say I have!  And let's be clear, pelting rain does NOT feel good when trying to get back to the dock!
Summer Holiday
So we took it to the cabin for lunch and waited it out.   As luck would have it, by the time we got up to the cabin with the food all pulled out, the sun was shining again, which we were thrilled about.

It wouldn't be a good lake trip without some games, and Headbands is a favorite of ours!
Sweet Lawson found a bull frog one night while we were grilling out.  I sure love this cutie!!
And while the hotdogs and burgers were cooking, cousins had fun playing together.
I am thankful that the McLellan's and Head's can hang out together and genuinely have a good time.  I feel truly blessed to call these people my family.  Here is a look back at our past trips spent together 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.

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