Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Social Summer

I get a lot of energy from being with people so this summer has been really enjoyable for me.  We have spent most every weekend with friends or family out on the lake.  Several weeks in a row we have had real quality time with families that we love to be with!

The Wood's and Freeman's have become two families that we enjoy hanging around.  All year long, our school age kids rode the bus home from school together and us Mommas would stand around and visit as we waited on our kids to arrive.  (I loved our bus stop conversations and the Route 44 drinks that Jenn would always bring!)  Now we're in supper club together, our kids enjoy playdates so we have gotten to spend even more time together as friends.
Our kids enjoyed splashing on and jumping off of the Freeman's island and of course riding the Jet Ski was a huge hit!
Time spent together as families really has been a lot of fun.  Getting to know each others kids in different settings, hearing their conversations and contagious laughter brings a smile to my face.   I have said to Adam several times, that this has been the best summer so far, in terms of having children.  Our kids don't have to have a nap but they still do nap---which gives me a little reprieve throughout the days; but since it's not a real requirement, our summer days, don't have to be quite as rigid to get all my running around done in the morning hours, as it once had been.  So, for our lake days, its been so wonderfully freeing to be able to stay out on the water all day, and be able to mostly enjoy the entire day together.  (There's bound to be a squabble or moments of whining, but for the most part, this season has been a real joy.)

Memories were made and time spent together was treasured.
London Kate and Ava Jane are adorable!  I look forward to watching this little friendship blossom.
And last weekend we truly enjoyed our time with the Ross family.
Benjamin was able to get up on the knee board while Chris and Sarah both skied and dominated!
Chris even conquered the wakeboard (way to go!)
Our kids enjoyed hanging out together.
These cuties chatted entire time they were out on the tube and squealed and laughed with delight.
Often Sarah and I make the comment that our boys look so much alike.  So, here's a question -- is this Emerson or Benjamin?  I'm the Momma and even I had to do a double take for this one?
So, for this social butterfly, my love tank is completely full.  Spending time with those I love, and truly enjoy being around, is both encouraging and satisfying.  We have been on the go a lot this summer, which has been exhausting at times, but really, the work to plan and coordinate with people has been SO worth the effort.  I personally would put this summer, at least this part of my summer, on repeat and keep it there if I could, cause it's been that good!

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