Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prepping for school

The last few days have been spent getting things in order for the start of school tomorrow.  We are making a big transition as we move all four of our kids to Little Rock Christian this year.  I honestly have not been excited about the start of school.  This summer has really been enjoyable and I've genuinely liked having the kids home most days.  But this past week with the new family meetings, meet the teacher night, last minute well check appointments (that included a missed shot for one of my children), two trips to get allergy shots and hair cuts for all four--has just about done me in.

We got to meet Ava Jane's Pre K3 teachers, Mrs. Hutson and Mrs. Smith.  Our time in their classroom went so well that Ava Jane threw a fairly good fit when it came time to leave the class.  On the positive side, she likes her class and her teachers, on the negative side, they got to see her true colors right off the bat.
Emerson has Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Walsh who both seem like such sweet ladies.  I hope he enjoys "being a big boy" tomorrow as he crosses off another milestone by heading off to Kindergarten.  I cannot believe this little guy is going to school every day this year!  I am excited to have the option of half days so that I have more time with just him while Ava Jane naps in the afternoons.
Lawson got Miss Bushey, who seems like a really fun teacher.  He is in class with several little buddies that he knows so I was thankful for that answer to prayer.
Peyton has Mrs. Griffin.  She was very warm and welcoming to us, and as newbies, we were thankful for how kind and helpful all the staff has been to us so far as we learn our way around campus.  Peyton doesn't know a ton of the kids in his grade but there are several familiar faces from his last school, so that was a welcomed relief to find out.
I always take the kids to Pig Tails and Crew Cuts and Mrs. Denise does her thing no matter how much wriggly movements she has to deal with.  I took this picture of Ava Jane because she was super upset about those "cwips"...she wanted those babies out of her hair and off her head.  She was so frustrated by them that I could NOT get her to look at the camera for a picture.  (It was a pretty funny moment to endure.)  But this sweet thing got three entire inches cut off and still her hair is long!
Then we spent an hour and a half in the doctors office with all five of these peeps.  After hammering through an entire sleeve of graham crackers, 3 packs of raisins and a Mum Mum, this Momma was about to jump out the window from all the whining and complaining.  I often will pray outloud when I start to feel overwhelmed and I usually am asking God to help me to respond rightly and kindly.  I do this so that the kids can hear me asking Him for, I could tell Peyton was concerned for me and was trying to pull the slack from all the other kids as we made our way out of the clinic, through the parking lot and into the car.  I don't know what I would do without my first born and his helpful, take initiative, self!!!
So, though I'll be sad to take all my kiddos and leave them at their new school, I am pretty certain I will enjoy a few quiet, alone hours before I have to pick them all back up at noon.  I'm glad that we get to "ease" into our start to the year with just a half day for all.  I look forward to hearing how their first day goes!

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