Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wrapping Up Summer…Welcoming The Start of Fall

The past two weekends we have tried to soak up every last ounce of summer that was left.  Two weekends ago we wrapped up our last trip to Lake Ouachita with my family and sweet nephew.  I'm pretty sure the kids had a terrific time!  We were literally one of ten or so boats that we saw all day long, we literally owned the water.



How cute is this little "Captain" of our ship?

How about this candid shot that Whitney took?  Mom and I were planning upcoming events that I was putting into my calendar, Dad was keeping covered up from the sun and Adam was stretching out his biceps prepping to slalom ski, all while the kids swam around and enjoyed the last day at the lake.

Ava Jane thoroughly relaxed out on the boat as you can see!

We had fun being together!

This past weekend we hit the pool one last time and enjoyed playing football in the water and floating around in the warmth of the sun.  Hanging out with the Grands is always a real treat, we enjoyed doing dinner with both sides of the family!
2015-08-25 19.52.59-1


We also packed one more fun treat into our Labor Day weekend, as we welcomed the start of fall with the Razorbacks football season.  We got to enjoy a wonderful day away with some of our dearest friends (you can read Carol's rendition of our trip here).   We weren't sure if we could pull it off, since we only decided to try and go three days prior to the big day, and since between our two families there are eight precious little people to care for, we knew it would all hinge on the sitter situation.  Thankfully, after several (as in about 14 tries at finding someone) I was able to get it covered with only one "hand-off" mid day from Adam's parents, thanks so much Poppy and Grammy as well as Whitney and Rob.  Here's three big cheers for family who save the day!!

It was fun just driving up to Northwest Arkansas and being able to chat about any and everything with no distractions from our sweet people.  We enjoyed two fun sit down meals, lots of laughs, some very hot but awesome seats on the 10th row at the 50 yard line.  And we even had a lady sitting beside us say that Carol and I look too young to have four kids each, that was a score for sure!  I loved being in HOG country, its just fun having everyone dress in red and white, sharing an experience and being one with the desire to see our beloved razorbacks beat their opponent, and thankfully they did!!




It really was fun to be back on our old stomping grounds and to show Carol and John around the beautiful campus that is the University of Arkansas.  Sharing about our college experiences was interesting, since theirs was quite different from ours, being that they went to a very small Christian university, but we both very much liked our time in college and look back on those years with many fond memories.  It wouldn't be a visit to the U of A without showing them Old Main, which is just one of the many beautiful buildings on campus.
South Tower of Old Main, University of Arkansas Campus - Fayetteville, Arkansas

 Just being away, having space and time to visit uninterrupted was such a sweet treat. Adam and I are so thankful to have the blessing of such great friendships! We love you Spensts, lets do it again!


So there went summer, here comes fall!  I must say that I am looking forward to a little cooler weather and the changing of the leaves.  I do enjoy seasonal changes and Arkansas never disappoints in that category!!

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