Monday, June 29, 2015

"See Ya Later" not "Goodbye"

Over the past year my family has had the unique privilege of getting to know a precious couple (and their children) from Rwanda. The Sengoga's came to Little Rock for a year of pastoral training with Fellowship Associates and joined our discipleship group at church. We have had the wonderful privilege of sitting under Joel's teaching spoken in his thick Rwandan accent. What a wise and godly couple he and Annie are.  They fully trust our Lord, they're committed to taking the gosple back to their home country and equipping church leaders in Kigali and beyond. Adam and I have loved getting to hear Joel speak about the incredible ways in which God got ahold of his heart and the stories of how God has faithfully gone before their family!  Their stories are remarkable, like none I've ever experienced before, but what an encouragement it is to hear of the ways our God has moved and used these sweet people.

Last Thursday night, a few days before they left to go back home, us, along with many of their dear Arkansan friends, had a "see ya later" party.  It was a time of food, fellowship and fun!  As I look back on the pictures from that night and remember the friendships that have formed, I can't help but think that God must've been smiling as he looked down on this group of friends.  I believe it truly was (and is) a taste of what heaven will be like.


There were fun cookies that were as cute as they were tasty! 

The grillers doing their thing.

Time with friends.








Sweet Annie, you will surely be missed but we do look forward to many more gatherings in the future both on US as well as Rwandan soil!  I love you dear friend and am praying for your transition back home to be smooth and just a sweet time of reconnecting with family and friends!  I'll see you later!


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