Friday, June 12, 2015

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Adam and I try to do special things with each of our kids, I rarely get just one on one time with any of them, so usually for me its time spent with just the "bigs" or with just the "littles".   However, this week Adam got the unique opportunity to do Daddy Daughter night at our local Chick-Fil-A just he and Ava Jane.  It was a princess themed night so I thought it'd be fun for her to wear her Cinderella dress and silver high heels.  But oh no she wasn't having it, she DID.NOT want to wear it!! After wrangling her into it and trying to put on her jewelry and shoes while she screamed, I decide "this is not worth it." So I asked her, "Ava Jane, what would you like to wear tonight?" She promptly said "that" as she pointed to her watermelon smocked dress and red sandals.  So…she wasn't dressed as a princess, but she still looked pretty darn cute to me!!  (She wasn't too sure about that cow princess standing beside her either.)


Since I personally know two of the CFA operators here in Little Rock, I must say a big "thank you" for taking the time and making the effort to do fun things like this for families.  As a Mom with four little people, who eat at your restaurants on a week by week and sometimes day to day basis, I'm so thankful for the service, smiles and "it's my pleasure" attitude.  I'm a huge fan and always will be!!  CFA on Cantrell, thanks for creating a fun evening for these two, complete with the goodie bag (the little princess cow has been Ava Jane's side kick all week and the stickers and cookies didn't last long either), crafts, a castle inspired atmosphere, and of course, the princess carriage ride!

I think it's safe to say that Ava Jane had a great first date, here's hoping for many many more!


"Thanks" go to this great owner/operator for hosting such a great event!

That moment when she saw the horse drawn carriage…she was thrilled to ride inside!


Unfortunately her bow needed adjusting in this picture…but it doesn't really matter since she was in hog heaven and loving every minute she had with her Daddy!  Oh how I love these two!!


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