Saturday, June 27, 2015

Catching up with "The Hoopty"

Last week Adam got the opportunity to go see the U.S. Open out in Seattle. It just so happens that one of his best friends growing up, Luke Bakke (aka "The Hoopty") now lives in Seattle so he was able to spend several days catching up with an old friend while watching (and playing) one of his favorite sports.

Luke spent several years of his life as a professional golfer so it was a real treat for Adam to be able to play along with him his first full day there. They played at Mill Creek Golf Club which had the catch phrase of being "Uniquely Northwest", and since it was Adam's first time playing out in that part of the country I must say from the pictures, it looks beautiful to have all those evergreen trees lining the course.  While he was there it was a perfect 75 degrees and blue skies, very atypical for Seattle this time of year.



    Adam has always picked up a couple pointers from Luke and was able to put a few things into practice while he was there.

He enjoyed a delicious dinner with Luke and his wife at El Guacho by Aqua, Seattles #2 seafood restaurant.  It was right on the water so the view was spectacular.  Adam got the halibut and said it was very good, a definite repeater.

The last day they watched some of the U.S. Open practice rounds to what ended up being an awesome week for Jordan Speith.  Adam said it was a very challenging course for the players but it also was for the spectators in that players were difficult to follow because of the elevation changes on the course.  Over just one day he walked more then 23,000 steps totaling 11 plus miles but they sure had fun seeing the players do their thing.


Adam thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Luke, sharing old stories and catching up on more recent events.  There is something to be said about friends who span many years, who've seen you through all different stages and phases of life, those who are mutually encouraging and filled with good laughs.  I'm so thankful that Adam got this opportunity, I know he'd love to do it again!  

(The Chambers Bay Golf Course, where the U.S. Open was held, is known for having this one lone tree out on the course... I thought this picture was too pretty not to share!)
Lone Tree Chambers Bay Golf Course

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