Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello Summer!

Technically, the boys are supposed to be in school until June 15th, but for us, the school year is officially over!  We wrapped up their last day of school on Friday.  We had another terrific year at Roberts and will be forever grateful for the teachers the boys have had who invested, loved on and encouraged them all year long.  On Friday as I was volunteering at the school, I was thrilled to have gotten such great results from Ms. Reed about Peyton's standardized tests. This year started off a little rocky but he engaged and finished so strong.  My eyes filled with tears as she came and told me of all he'd accomplished.  According to her last assessment of him he scored on a 6th grade reading level, which we were thrilled for and as for his math scores (from the standardized testing) he is now "advanced" after having a year with some math tutoring.  As a Mom, its HUGE to see all the hard work your child is putting forth turn into success. Peyton, we are so proud of you!

Lawson had a great year too, we absolutely, positively, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mrs. Dees. Roberts is a better school because she's there.  She was a God-send to us, a complete answer to our prayers!  She loved on Lawson and encouraged him to always do his best.  Friday, as I was cleaning out his backpack I saw a precious note she'd written him and my eyes again filled with tears as I recognized what a terrific first year experience Lawson has received with her as his guide!  Erin, you will always hold a special place in my heart and I'm forever grateful for all you did this year with the kids!

So, with summer finally here, it was definitely time to hit the pool. The water may have been a tad cool but the kids seemed to love it any way!  I'm excited to have some slower paced mornings and low key days.  We've not filled this summer up with lots of activities (which I may or may not come to regret) we'll see how it goes.  Honestly though, I'm super excited to spend time with my kiddos and to be able to make more fun memories!  So goodbye school year, hello summer!


This is as good as it got with Miss Ava Jane…she wasn't really enjoying the picture taking!

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