Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Family Of Seven….For A Week

My computer has been on the brink for some time now so it spent over ten hours at the Apple Store yesterday, namely because "I have exhausted i-Photo with over 28,000 pictures"…and yes, I know, that's ridiculous! I've now gotten all those pictures transferred to an external hard drive, yay!!  But for the past week I've been one frustrated little Momma as the "color wheel" has spun and spun and spun, taking me hours to upload, edit and post on the blog.

So today I'm playing a little bit of catch up. Last week we had my sister's little boy while they went out to California for a friends wedding.  I wasn't sure how the week would go with my four plus Lachlan, but from the get go, he was an angel baby.  Being only 3.5 months old I figured I would be up several times in the night feeding him, but nope…he slept all night long which in this Momma's book, is A-MAZ-ING!! He was such an easy little guy and he fit right into our crazy!

He came to Emerson and Ava Jane's swim lessons, hung out at the pool, went on playdates with our friends and rolled with the punches of being in a "family of seven" for a week!  I told my sister, "if he keeps this up, I'll be telling you to go ahead and book your next trip real soon!"  I don't think she'll be taking me up on that for a while, but I'll be ready when she does!!

Emerson and Ava Jane really enjoyed their swim lessons.  Emerson is doing great and I feel much more confident letting him swim without his puddle jumper now.  Ava Jane didn't really like sticking her face down in the water so we still have a ways to go with her, but isn't she cute?


Here, they were waiting in the car during the lessons, listening to Peyton read Mr. Poppers Penguins.

Swimming with Daddy and playing with friends is always fun and Lachlan was quite a sweet addition!




There was only one night that gave us a run for our money.  It was the night Peyton's baseball team had a pizza party to hand out the trophies from the season.  So we went with out our family of "seven".  Just to set the stage, Emerson hadn't napped well, Ava Jane was just fussy and Lachlan wasn't having the luke warm bottle, so Adam had Em and AJ on each knee and I had my hands full with Lachlan.  Peyton received his award and we quickly gathered our things and headed toward the door.  I asked Adam to hold AJ and Em's hands as we left the restaurant and set out into the parking lot that was right near a busy road, but AJ was not having it and did the normal two year old response.  She went "limp", buckled at the knees and dropped to the ground while Adam still had a firm grip on her hand.  That's when she started crying and wailing in pain.  Adam felt terrible and after the fifteen minute drive to the house and her crying didn't stop, he decided to take her to Children's ER. Turns out, that she had Milkmaids Elbow, meaning she'd dislocated her elbow.  Thankfully though, she actually set it back into place herself as they waited to see the doctor.  He did inform Adam that once it happens it's likely to happen again so he showed Adam how to put it back into place if, in the unfortunate case, this happens again.

This was that moment in the parking lot right after the horrible incident when I was trying to find the keys, with a fussy baby, a crying two year and boys who were all begging for ice cream.  We obviously went straight home, bypassing the ice cream, much to the boys chagrin.  We tried to make Ava Jane feel better with an Elsa bandaid, but what she had going on was more then a kiss and a "sticker" could fix.  Daddy was so grateful that nothing was seriously wrong, he was so worried he'd broken her wrist (which is what she kept complaining about, apparently the pain from the elbow radiates down to the wrist).  They ended up getting home from the the hospital about midnight, so we were thankful to finally drop into bed!



A few days later Adam left town and when Daddy's away, the family will play!!  Adam got the opportunity to go see part of the U.S. Open last week so we decided to have several dinners out with friends.   And pizza in the park is always a good idea, for the kids and the Mommas!!




The boys loved holding and helping with Lachlan and it was fun to see Ava Jane become a little Momma, wanting to push her monkey on the playground and trying to help feed Lachlan.  I had four big helpers and I was so grateful for it!


He loved watching his ocean friends and listening to the music.  

Life with "five" really went well.  It definitely had its crazy moments but we had fun!!

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