Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Lawson!

Life has been super busy. I've also had a lot of things swirling around in my head (which are residual effects from the IF conference and hearing Jenn Hatmaker last weekend). They're all things that are well and good, just hard to articulate and process through. So I had to let something slide and honestly I haven't blogged simply because there's just not been much time for it. So, now I feel like I have quite a bit to do in order to get "caught up". There's things I'm processing and lots of everyday occurrences that have happened that I've yet to blog about but I'll start with the most recent. Celebrating Lawson's birthday! We kept it low key this weekend because he's having a party with friends in a few weeks.

Yesterday our little guy turned 5! How can it be? I truly feel like these five years have come and gone so quickly. I can hardly believe I'm about to have two kids in school and only two kids left at home with me each day. Where has the time gone? I'll have to write about that another day! For now, I'll just keep it light and not get all emotional!

Lawson had fun. He had a day worth of celebrating! He got to enjoy brunch with his favorite girl who happens to also be his friend, sweet Kate. She's precious and I'm pretty sure her parents and us too would be fine if this cute little combo worked out!

We asked Lawson what he'd like for his birthday dinner and he very emphatically said "The Purple Cow. I want a burger." So that's what we'd intended to do. But come dinner time it was pouring down freezing rain, the temperature was falling outside and Ava Jane had started running 102 fever. So we came up with Plan B. Adam went and got Mooyah burgers and fries so we enjoyed it here at home.

We went around the table and said "What I Like About Lawson…"

The themes that kept coming up were that he is a really good friend to his brothers, he has become quite thoughtful (by holding doors for people, helping strap Emerson into his carseat and wanting to share snacks with his siblings). He's developed a desire to want to pray not just at dinner and bed time but also when we're in the car when he sees an accident, a firetruck or an ambulance. He's gotten confident praying out loud and he's memorizing verses and learning how to apply them in daily situations. We are so proud of the young man he's becoming and look forward to how God's going to use him.

He is so funny. He regularly makes us laugh…like really belly laugh. What's cute is when he says something that's hilarious and then gets real embarrassed because we're all laughing so hard. He has a great sense of humor and we love that about him!

We enjoyed celebrating the gift he is to our family. Happy Birthday sweet boy, we love you!!

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