Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend In Review

This past weekend we decided to lay "low", though we had a few opportunities for activities including a marriage conference (which sounds like it was really good but we decided not to attend) and then the Roberts Rendezvous (a school fundraiser where Peyton attends, which we also did not go to). There were 4 friends birthday party celebrations (which were all very fun) and dinners (on Saturday and Sunday night) with both sets of family as well as a foreign exchange student from Belgium who was very intriguing and easy to talk with.

In between the 2 morning birthday parties and the afternoon ones, Peyton finished up his Upward Basketball season. He always played really hard. He was great at defense and regularly jumped to the floor to grab the ball. He got really comfortable dribbling the ball up and down the court and even scored several times. We were so proud of him and his good sportsmanship.

Isn't she a cute little cheerleader?

Sunday afternoon we took the kids and went jogging while the big boys rode their bikes. Two Rivers Park is always a great place to get out and enjoy fresh air and some warmer weather!

There was even a beautiful sunset; I wish this picture did it justice! We enjoyed our weekend, hope you did too!

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