Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cardiac Survivors Reception

Last night Adam and I had the opportunity to attend the kick-off for the Heart Associations Heart Walk fundraiser that is coming up on April 26th. The night was a time of remembering and celebrating the innovative procedures and research that have taken place to help combat the #1 killer of Americans, heart disease and other heart related illnesses.

The event was held at the Governor's Mansion, which I'd never been to before, it was beautiful!

I joked with a couple of people that the huge chandelier that hangs in the Governor's "party room" would gracefully swag to the floor in our home…it was HUGE! The Governor pointed out that several of the crystals that hang from it are red and actually belonged to one of the prince's of Dubai and was a gift…pretty interesting stuff! I did get to meet Gov. Beebe but didn't get a photo op with him, boo!

We have enjoyed getting involved with the American Heart Association (AHA) since it naturally goes along with Adam's job but it's also become very personal to us since Ava Jane's Congenital Heart Defect was discovered. Adam had the opportunity to celebrate with the other survivors as he too shared a little bit of Ava Jane's story.

Adam and I are excited to participate again this year in the Heart Walk (Here's last years walk). It's an easy 3 mile walk down by the river. We'd love to have you join us as we help to support heart health awareness as well as research and prevention.

The Heart Walk will be
Saturday, April 26th
In North Little Rock
At the Burns Park Soccer Fields #13 and 14
The opening ceremony will be at 9:00 am then the walk begins at 9:30.

We'd love for you to join us! If you can't come walk with us that day, would you still consider making a donation in Ava Jane's honor to the American Heart Association?

For those who would like to come and walk with us we are planning to have team t-shirts that look like this.

You don't have to have a t-shirt to walk with us, but if you are interested would you please leave a message below or email me (at courtneyhead81@gmail.com) with the size(s) that you'd like and tell me how many? I need to place the order by March 31st, so if you could let me know before then that'd be great. We'll have Adult sizes M - 3XL and kids sizes M and L. The t-shirts will be $12.85 each. For every $50.00 donation to the AHA, Adam and I will give you a free t-shirt in whatever size you'd like. On the website, it gives the option to give anonymously but please put your name in there so that I know who to give t-shirts to.

If you're interested in helping this cause, I'd love for you to visit our web page
We already hit our initial goal of $500 and several have donated in the last few days. Would you help us double or triple that amount? Every little bit that you donate counts! We'd love to have you help partner with us in fighting and combating these diseases and illnesses. To quote Dr. Murphy, "we are winning this fight" but we must continue to research to find cures and innovative solutions to the epidemic that is all around us. Almost all of us can say we've been impacted by someone who has had a heart related illness, disease or defect. We have 32 days until the walk, will you help us in this fight?

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