Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celebrating Lawson!!

This weekend we celebrated Lawson's 5th birthday with some family and friends at PlayTime Pizza.

Lawson's sole request was a "race car party". I was at a complete loss as to how I should pull that off at our house, I did however search all over the internet trying to find anything that would fit the bill, but I found nothing. I hesitated back and forth between Playtime Pizza and an outdoor go-cart place and am so thankful I chose the indoor option since it was raining cats and dogs this weekend.

I love this picture of Kate admiring Lawson, she's so cute!

The race cars were a hit!

Here are some of the kiddos waiting so patiently for their ride in the go-carts.

Jake hit the bonus round in the arcade. Look at all those tickets!

I couldn't have done this party without my parents who helped to keep my littlest ones at bay while I kept up with the the other kiddos. Y'all are wonderful!! I love this picture cause it happens to catch my Mom and Ava in the bumper car as well as my Dad spinning Emerson around in the background!! I love y'all!

Although the party was all that Lawson had hoped it would be, you can mark my words, I won't ever do a party there again. The service was not good, the kids literally had to stand in the go-cart line for 40 minutes of a 90 minute party (riding 2 or 3 kids at a time and the worker had no sense of urgency to get the kids in the carts and going)! We paid for each child to ride twice and to have $10 to spend in the arcade area, but because they stood in line so long some didn't even get to ride once. There was still money left on cards because there wasn't time enough to spend it all after waiting in the lines! Boo! The good thing is that Lawson had a FABULOUS time, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and that, my friends, is my ONLY consolation!

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