Friday, March 28, 2014

Lake Trip with Friends

Spring Break has been fun and low key which has been really nice. Adam took Wednesday through Friday off so late Tuesday we headed down to Lake Ouachita, where some friends had asked us to come and enjoy a lake house with them. The kids had fun exploring in the woods, riding the 4-wheeler, splashing in the hot tub fishing and riding around in the boat and of course they loved eating smores! We really did have a good time just chilling out and visiting.

Anytime a 4-Wheeler is involved they have a great time!

Ava Jane and I took several walks and enjoyed the beauty we got to see. I've been trying to describe and teller her everything I'm doing or seeing since she still isn't talking very much, so our walk was a bit educational too.

While we were walking Stephanie and the men took Silas, Emerson, Lawson, Peyton and Hudson out on the boat to go fishing. The littlest boys went first and only rode around for a bit then came back for naps, but they had a big time while it lasted!

The hot tub was a huge hit too.

While the kiddos swam around in the tub I finally got to look through the last two issues of Southern Living which I've not had time to even open up. And while the littlest ones took naps I sat and visited with Stephanie which was a real treat too.

Here's all our peeps climbing on the boat trailer; I even got Tucker Max in the photo op.

The big girls went exploring in the woods and took my favorite snack along with them. Who needs a bowl of popcorn when they can have a gallon pitcher? They're girls after my own heart--I love me some popcorn!

Though there were some crazy moments with the kids (but there always are) we had a lot of fun with the Caldwell's. Adam and I are grateful for their friendship and were glad to have the opportunity to do life together for a few days.

And it didn't take long before Ava Jane was completely out and the boys were requesting a movie for the ride home.

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  1. How I love that picture of Ava Jane sleeping. It never ceases to amaze me that kids can fall asleep so easily in what look like such awkward positions in a car seat!


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