Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend In Review

We had a fun filled weekend! Friday night we rented the new Muppet Movie Musical, with Amy Adams, it was really cute! We ate pizza and piled up on the sofa while eating warm chocolate chip cookies...does it get any better then that?

Saturday morning we went to Shipley's for some oh so tastey donuts! The boys were in desperate need of haircuts so we went straight to Pig Tails and Crew Cuts then went on to Target for a few items. During naptime Peyton, Ava Jane and I went to the mall in search of some shoes for him...his feet are growing at a crazy rate and all he had to wear was one pair of tennis shoes. We came home with 3 new pairs of shoes, I think that'll do it for a little while! When we got home our neighbors were outside flying kites so Peyton and Lawson got in on the action. We are enjoying our new neighbors, there are 11 kids between 4 houses right here in our circle.
Flying Kites2
Flying Kites1
Flying Kites

One of the kites landed in the tree...uh oh!
Flying Kites3

That evening we went to watch the Razorbacks at my parents house with my sister and Rob; the boys had fun playing with Pascha and Psalm. We enjoyed watching the HOGS even though the game was short lived for us...after Emerson had 4 yucky blowouts and had gone thru the extra outfit and all the diapers I'd brought with me, we decided to turn in and head home...its never a dull moment (sorry, that might have been TMI!)

Sunday I stayed home with the littles (because of Emerson, but he seemed completely fine, he had no more issues all day long) while Adam and the big boys went to church. That afternoon we headed downtown to the Statehouse Convention Center where they had a Dinosaur Exhibit going on. The boys were excited to go, but I have to tell you the quote of the day, it was Peyton, when we stepped up to the first exhibit, with a GY-NOR-MOUS dinosaur, he said "I don't like dinosaurs" to which Adam responded, "Buddy, you love dinosaurs" and Peyton said, "Well, I don't like big, moving dinosaurs!" It made us think of those days when we were kids and we were afraid of that big gorilla up on the stage at ShowBiz Pizza!: )

We did have a good time, it was a bit deceiving in that after you paid to get in, you had to pay for each individual thing you did after going thru all the the bounce houses, riding the dinosaurs, face painting, would've been nice if they'd mentioned that somewhere in all the advertisements!
Dino Exhibit
Dino Exhibit1

He got over his fear...
Dino Exhibit2
Dino Exhibit3

The Big T-Rex...
Dino Exhibit4
Dino Exhibit6

Future palentologists...
Dino Exhibit7

And yesterday was our little lady's 1 month birthday! We are SO in love with her, the time has been so sweet and its flying by super fast!! She's staying awake much more, I was able to get her with her eyes open, but couldn't get her to look at the camera!!
Ava Jane 1month

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