Thursday, October 4, 2012

Loving on Sister!

It has been so fun to watch the big boys love on Ava Jane! Peyton walks in from school and more often then not he says "Mom, can I hold her??" He loves to hold her. And today, he got to stay home because he's running fever, so he was here more then he usually has been, and several times he said to me, "Mom, I just love my new little sister!" He is quite protective and really enjoys helping with her! Even Lawson has gotten on board and regularly wants to hold her too!

  And here's our sweet baby girl having a little tummy time...and there's an oh so big yawn!

 I still can't get over all that hair...unbelievable!

Its super fun to see the boys want to love on her, to be attune to her always warms my heart when I get to hear them express these things and I am made aware that they are learning to be more selfless, to put someone else's needs above their own and realizing that they too can help someone (namely one of the siblings) when they need it, is a great life lesson, they're not perfect, but they're in process, and aren't we all!!  Thank you Lord for showering us with your grace and loving kindness so that we can hopefully overflow with these qualities to others...I find myself praying this prayer often and hoping that I am a living example of this for all these innocent eyes to watch.

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