Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend In Review: Making Memories Part 2

I realized my post would have been quite long so I broke it up a bit.

Saturday, Adam was quite excited because the day he's been dreaming of for many, many years, finally came to fruition! He's longed to have a fishing boat to take the boys out in and make memories with...its been a constant thought floating around in the back of his head.

The hunt really began a couple of weeks ago when he found "the boat"...after he called about it and got all the info, he hummed and haaed then called back and it had already sold, I mean like in an hour or two, needless to say he was totally bummed. So when his Dad sent him the information on this boat down at McSwain's in Scott, he wasn't about to pass it up. The two of them headed down to look at it and "it was perfect" according to Adam, so they called the man right up and bought it!!

In my Bible study on Tuesday's we're talking about the book, The Meaning of Marriage, it is a GREAT book, definitely not an easy read, but a truly great foundational look at marriage. The book is chalked full of challenges and one take away from a couple of weeks ago was to look for things that interest your spouse and join them there. Well, I'm not a huge outdoors-woman, but I do enjoy it from time to time...and with that said I mean, I don't mind to go fishing as long as he'll bait and unhook the fish from my line! I do want to make the effort to join Adam in the things that he gets excited about, so here's what I'm learning about the.perfect.fishing.boat!

I'm learning that the "perfect" boat is all welded not rivoted (meaning it won't ever leak, that's a no-brainer), it is a 16 foot 48" wide modified V, Duracraft with a Yamaha 25 horse powered engine, with a console steer and a trolling motor. How'd I do stating the stats? That's pretty good right?!! I'm sure trying!

All the boys checking out their new toy!

Lawson is real excited about the fishing net!

To say Adam and the boys are in heaven is a slight understatement!

Later that afternoon more memories were made while Adam raked the backyard leaves...the boys loved diving into the big ole pile!

Then Sunday, was my 31st Birthday we had dinner with my family and my Mom made a DELICIOUS dinner of Scallopini De Polo (it was amazing) with roasted asparagus, a scrumptious salad, bread and then came the AMAZINGLY moist chocolate cake, it was OH.SO.Tastey!!

Thanks Mom for all you did to make my day special! I love you and am grateful for you!!

Another memory was made while I was talking at the table. Emerson climbed up into the chair beside me and he leaned over at the waist sticking his lips out...SMACK!! So I got this sweet picture. Oh how I love him! What a little cutie pie he is!!

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