Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fishing Poles and a Water-Neener!

Well folks, its been one of those weekends that was somewhat lazy on purpose but also made lazy by circumstances, like the crazy amount of rain we got this weekend and the fact that all 3 kiddos had a case of the fever virus that's been going around, but we had a good time just being low key, which was super nice!

Friday we got our favorite pizza (from Shotgun Dans) and came home and scarfed it down then Adam and I tried to watch a movie but we both fell asleep...I guess the fact that we have a 3 week old baby and have had a sick kid since Thursday along with just getting older is to blame for falling asleep on the couch on a Friday night!

Saturday brought with it the chance to catch up with some friends at a bridal shower for Emily, I left all my little peeps at home, so I actually got to have uninterrupted conversations for a whole 2 hours! When I left there it was a total down pour so I came home got into some cozy clothes and Adam and I just talked during naptime.

After all the kiddos woke up we decided we needed to get out of the house so we headed over to North Little Rock (Adam's old stomping grounds) and he showed us all around Lakewood, places he road bikes as a kid, lawns that he mowed for so many summers, and he pointed out the school he went to for Kindergarten to Peyton. We also made a stop by Gander Mountain to check out some fishing poles, guns and all kinds of outdoor gear.

Checking out some new fishing poles...


Posing with the deer...and check out Adam in the background trying to put back together a plastic set of antlers to the buck that Lawson knocked over!

Acting crazy in the camo tent...

But on the way over to North Little Rock Lawson told us about a "Water-Neener". Have you heard about these animals? Apparently, a Water-Neener is kind of like a fish and a big lizard combined, but it has "claws on its paws". Peyton informed us not to worry about them though because Liston can kill a Water-Neener (fyi Liston is Peyton's plastic lizard). My oh my...Ava Jane and I are definitely out numbered by the boys and these are the things we get to experience and hear about...its never a dull moment folks, NEVER! And as you can see she wasn't all that crazy about being at the store, seeing all the outdoor gear and hearing about these "Water-Neeners"!

The comments that these little guys come up with are priceless, Adam and I have been laughing pretty hard about some of them, so I had to document it so we don't forget!

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