Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playing Catch Up....Again!

A few weeks ago was Grandparents Day at Peyton's school.  We are super priviledged to have all four grandparents here in town and very willing to be involved!  So, that morning Adam, Me, Peyton, Lawson and Emerson (this was pre-Baby girl) were all dressed and out the door by 8:15...that's a feat all in itself!  We loaded everyone up and headed to the school to show Poppy, Grammy, Gigi and G-Dad Peyton's school and classroom!  It was a lot of fun!  His teacher, Mrs. Shelton, had a book for a Grandfather to read as well as a Grandmother, the kids loved hearing the stories and getting to sing several of the songs they've learned which was fun to see!

After they sang a few songs and handed out there handprint letters to the grandparents they went down to the Library where there was a book fair and Peyton got a "finger pointer"...since then he's been going around to any letters in our house, and using his "pointer" to read to me, its pretty cute!

After the book fair Peyton got to show them the gym and the very fun climbing wall that they have. And there he goes folks...how cool is that?!!

Getting to be back near Parents/Grandparents who are all believers and who want to invest in the lives of our children was and is a huge answer to mine and Adam's prayers, we are truly grateful to be back at such a time as this! 

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  1. The "finger pointer" cracks me up--Rhett took his own money to buy that same thing! :) And he told me he got the LAST one--whew! Must have been a big hit!

    So neat that all the Grandparents could attend!


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