Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend In Review: Making Memories Part 1

This weekend we made lots of memories, and that is always such fun! As I'm writing this post I'm realizing that I'm gonna have to break this up a bit so I'll just start with Friday...

Adam took the day off since Peyton didn't have school, so we enjoyed a morning at Schaeffer Collins Pumpkin Patch out in Mayflower. We stopped at the roadside stand and got to ride on the John Deer Tractor train that drove right thru the middle of the corn field...the boys LOVED bumping and bouncing over the muddy tracks and seeing the mud splash...they are such boys and its fun to see them get so excited about simple things.
pumpkin patch1

Sweet Baby Girl, slept in the Baby Bjorn the whole time...she loves to snuggle!!

They have a great little playground that the kids loved hanging out on. Check out the HUGE watering trough filled with corn kernels...they had a blast in there!

And there's a little pumpkin cute is he?

There were all shapes and sizes of pumpkins to choose from...the boys picked out a large pumpkin, a green gourd and a teeny Emerson sized Pumpkin.
pumpkin patch2

There were a few animals to see and they thought that was pretty cool.

I must say, by this point Emerson had had enough of the wind, he was starting to get hungry/thirsty, and extremely we decided to head back to the car, where it was a full out fight to get him strapped back into the seat...wish I'd thought to bring his blanket, oh well!!

We really did have a great time. Adam liked being out of the office and out in the country, he loved getting to do something totally out of the norm for him. The weather was great and we made such a fun family memory!! I was grateful to have a day with the Hubs, I really like it when he's around, sure wish he didn't have to go to work...we have such fun together...but I guess all good things must come to an end, its Monday now and he's off again, working deals and bringing home the money, and I really appreciate that too!!


  1. We were debating on going to Schaeffer Collins or Motley's...getting a later start than we would have liked put us going to Motley's so kids would get an at home nap. :) This looks awesome though! They would have loved to play in some corn.


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