Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End of the School Year

The end of the school year came fast and furious.  I'm not sure why all the projects and reports, field trips and programs all get saved for the last two weeks of school, but for this Momma of four, my last weeks of Mothers Day Out were spent in my kids classrooms or out with their classes somewhere.  Next year I will try to be a little more on top of things by reminding myself that I need to have teacher gifts purchased and all doctors appointments, etc by the end of April, so I'm not scrounging around mid May with no time to do anything.

The Kindergarten classes went on a field trip to Pinnacle Mountain State park.  The kids enjoyed playing on the playground and walking the King Fisher Trail.  Just being out in the fresh air and sunshine was good for all of us.
Time with this sweet boy is always a good thing.
Lawson, worked for a week and half on his Science Fair project where he was trying to determine if acidic fruits and vegetables were able to produce enough electricity to power an LED light bulb.  He in fact was able to power the light bulb by connecting four lemons.  Here's my cutie, sharing his project.

Kindergarten Celebration was just about the sweetest thing ever.  The kids recited verses they'd learned throughout the year, worship songs they had sung in chapel and each child read a short story they'd written about what they wanted to be when they grow up, Emerson said he wanted to be a police man.  He has learned so much this year, his reading has really taken off, his writing and memory have all improved as well, Adam and I are so proud of him!
Ava Jane's class had a popsicle and bubbles party her last day of school.  These teachers have been a blessing all year long.  I'm so thankful that Ava Jane had Ms. Hutson and Mrs. Smith, they were such wonderfully, loving teachers who taught her so much.
Soapy Reflection
At Little Rock Christian, completion of the fourth grade means moving out of the Elementary building and into Middle School.  How can I possibly have a child old enough for Middle School? The fourth grade graduation ceremony just about did this Momma in.  Between the baby pictures and the more recent ones while "Let Them Be Little" played in the background, lets just say I was an emotional mess who didn't have one tissue in my purse, just a lone black mitten that was stuffed down in a purse pocket. As I watched this group of young boys and girls sharing what they'd learned this year and then telling us what some of their favorite memories were as well as what they will miss about being in the "House of Love" (the Elementary Building) tears just spilled from my eyes.  Adam and I are so proud of Peyton and the young man he's becoming.  He's sensitive and kind to others, and truly seeks to follow after Jesus every day, we see many of the fruits of the Spirit growing in him and for that we are so grateful to see.
After the fourth grade graduation, we got to go and see the social studies project that Peyton and his partners did on the state of Oklahoma. He was so proud of his tri-fold board and all that he had put on it. They did a great job gathering information and putting the board together along with their powerpoint presentation.
The last day of school was fun for the kids, it was field day filled with relay games, bounce houses, Kona ice and more.  The kids loved it even though the rain fell and the sun never came out.   It was a great way to end the year.  They started the morning with the fourth grade's leading for the last time  in the Elementary building. At the assembly they shared some of their favorite memories and led the school in quoting several verses and singing a few worship songs.  It was precious to observe.
After the assembly it was time for the fun to begin and more memories to be made.
The last day of school was fun, the kids had a big time and the Momma's were all thrilled to start the summer break!  I'm thankful for what the next several weeks will hold and look forward to making more memories with my people.

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