Friday, June 2, 2017

Baseball 2017

This was Emerson's first year to play baseball.  For the past few summers we had played out at Burns Park, wanting to give the boys a chance to see if they even liked the game before jumping head long into what we had heard was "serious" baseball out at Junior Deputy.  We have been pleasantly surprised at how well we like being out there, seeing lots of familiar faces from church, school, etc and with not having to get into the traffic crossing the river bridge over into North Little Rock, that was really nice as well.

Emerson played on the Indian's team with a few buddies from school and though he had a lot to learn, we were so proud of how well he concluded his first baseball season.  (He isn't technically finished just yet, he has tournament games that start Sunday and could go for a few days depending on if they win or not.)
Lawson was a Kansas City Royal.  He has played baseball before, so this year was full of more fine tuning his hitting and catching abilities.  Adam and I were proud of him all season long except for those few times he decided to roll around in the out field. ;)
He enjoyed playing catcher a couple of times.
And this sweet girl was her brothers biggest cheerleader.  She went to the practices, the games, the double headers...all of it, and she smiled almost the entire time.
(We were cheering on Emerson here.)
And this little dude accompanied us to many a game so we always had a bag full of toys, snacks and drinks.
We enjoyed a lot of popsicles and Elephant Shaved Ice the past few weeks and of course the ball park regular items like hotdogs, hamburgers and MnM's.  I enjoy all of these items but this Momma is a little hotdogged out if you know what I mean!
I must say that Adam and I were very please with the Dad's who coached both of our teams, they taught sportsmanship, having a good attitude as well as teaching the boys basic skills to help them compete.  We couldn't have asked for better coaches and assistant coaches!

All in all, it was a great season, filled with lots of cheering, some sliding and a whole lot of fun being had for the onlookers as well as our two cute players!  I do have to say, I'm kinda glad to be getting  back two days worth of practices and game nights for our summer enjoyment.  Driving down I-630 to Chester four or more times per week between 5:00 and 7:00 pm was getting a little repetitive, but we will look forward to another season of baseball when the time rolls around.

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