Thursday, May 18, 2017

Piano Recital 2017

This year was Emerson's first year to take piano lessons.  He didn't always enjoy practicing, but over all, Adam and I were so very proud of him for how he memorized his recital piece (Men from Mars). He was quite nervous to go up and play in front of such a large crowd but he walked right up there, played his song, bowed then finished with a smile (and I'm sure a sigh of relief.) We couldn't have been more proud of how well he did!
This was Peyton's fifth year to take from Molly and he truly excelled this year.  He would regularly practice without me having to remind him continuously which was so nice.  He even got an award for how hard he practiced and for how well he had done each week; he was totally shocked when they called his name.
Lawson did a great job playing The Juggler.  He never enjoys practicing but he does love being able to play songs that he enjoys, like the Star Wars theme song, which I now know by heart.
We were proud of these boys, they did terrific!
All of these kiddos did great at the Fine Arts Recital at Little Rock Christian!
Aren't these Kindergarten, piano playing, cuties-- adorable?
Thanks Molly for doing such a great job of being patient yet firm with the boys.  I truly feel like they excelled this year, having learned quite a bit while also growing in their ability and confidence to "tickle the ivories"!  We look forward to another great year this fall.

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