Thursday, May 4, 2017

Grandparents Day

Last week was Grandparents Day at Little Rock Christian. The kids worked so hard all week as they practiced and prepped for the program.  I helped set up on Thursday morning and got to hear the songs they were going to be singing, I was a bit teary listening to all those children (Pre-K 4 through 4th grade) sing worship songs and do sign language as they praised our great God.  It truly was such a fun program as they sang songs about America's history, the states and capitols, as well as many other educational songs they've been learning throughout the year.

I think all the grandparents enjoyed the program and then getting to go to each child's class to meet their teacher and see what their classroom looked like.
Here's a little taste of what the kids did during the program. This is Emerson's Kindergarten class singing about the wise and foolish man.
Lawson's second grade class sang the books of the Old Testament.
The 4th graders have been studying American History and learned this rap to memorize all the states and capitols.
I enjoyed getting to see some of the art that the kids have been doing.



Its fun to see all that the kids have learned and to see what talent there is from the Art Teacher, Music Teacher, and really just the entire staff, all their hard work paid off.  It was a great morning of worship and showcasing all that they've learned this year, I can hardly believe we are about to close out this school year.

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