Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My First Bike Race

Well, its been a while since I posted on my blog, not for lack of things to blog about, but rather because there's hardly been time to sit down.  I've got lots to catch up on, but I'm gonna start with a recent goal I stuck to and fulfilled.   It was hard but I did it!  The Heart Hospital has done the Cardiac Classic for many years now, last year was Adam's first time to ride in the race and we discussed the possibility of me joining him this year.  I initially wasn't too pumped about it but when a bike became available that fit me and was an affordable entry into the hobby, I jumped on board and made my first of many treks over to Chainwheel to purchase those all so lovely padded shorts, helmet along with other accessories.

Whitney and I began doing some "long" rides in the weeks leading up to the race and those were tough on the ole quads and hammies.  The goal was to average about an 18 mph ride; when I first started my average was fairly low (about 14-15 mph) but learning to change gears at the proper time (especially going up the hills on the bridges) was tough for me, I think I'm begining to figure it out.
Here's Adam and I on our 25 mile ride.  We tried to say "hey" to his dad, when we got down by his office but he was in a meeting with someone so we took our picture with the Farm Bureau sign instead.
The day of the race was icky and terrible.  It was literally raining as we drove to Burns Park.  I told Adam if it continued I was probably gonna call my Mom (who had all the kids) to come pick me up. When we arrived, my friend Stephanie had all the gear to ride in the rain and the freezing cold weather, I decided I was already down there so I might as well go for it, so I did.   At first it was fairly miserable, being that rain was running off my helmet, my shoes were soaked and it was truly freezing.  Thankfully the rain let up and it got better, I finished the race and did pretty well in my opinion.  Because of the yucky weather and water on the route, the only options were 20 or 50 miles. I finished my 20 miler and was totally proud of myself!
There I am.
This was the turn around spot, with food and water.  Stephanie and I were in a hurry to get back to baseball games and birthday parties so we shoved down an orange and a pickle, grabbed a quick sip of water and got back on the bike.
After the ride, Coby, the hospital chef, had prepared an awesome lunch menu and it all tasted fantastic!  That homemade granola with kiwi was DELISH!
We had fun riding together and I am proud to say I did this, rain or shine, I stuck with it!

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