Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Lawson!

Six years ago today God blessed our family with Lawson James Head.  He was and continues to be such a fun addition to our family.

There's a few things that are "just Lawson".  We will always wonder how he's able to suck his cheeks in (making a fish face) and at the same time blow through his lips making a vibrating sound, I've yet to be able to do it or find anyone else who can imitate him.  We love how silly he is---standing on his head is one of his favorite past times.  We sure love this goggle wearing, crazy glasses kid, he certainly keeps life light hearted and funny.




And doing any kind of interesting move is right up his alley…here he's doing one handed, incline "push ups" (I'd have to say he gets this from his Dad!)




As Adam and I look back on this past year we have seen him grow a lot. In school, he is doing really well, learning how to add and subtract, reading more fluently, and even writing sentences is quickly becoming something that he really enjoys doing. We've loved watching him learn and grow, seeing the light bulb come on is truly fun. He has been taking piano lessons for the first time too, and although he does not love to practice, he is steadily improving. Listening to him recite all the many verses that he's been learning is pretty phenomenal too (I owe most of that to my husband who diligently teaches the boys scripture each morning in the car on the way to school). Something I learned last semester that I've been trying to teach the boys each morning for five minutes at the kitchen table is a walk through the Old Testament. To be honest, we have seen quite the change in him over the past twelve months. He used to not be too interested in praying (at the table or bed time) or really talking too much about spiritual things, but as the year has progressed we have enjoyed listening to him pray and grow confident in talking to God and about God. We are excited to see what other ways he will grow in this next year.

Lawson is our most affectionate child. He regularly will just say, "I love you Mom" or "I love you Dad" and his precious hugs and kisses are some of my favorite.  We sure love this little guy and are so grateful we get to be his parents.  We hope you had a terrific day celebrating little Buddy, we love you!!(We'll be having a Jedi training, Star Wars party this weekend.  He can hardly stand the wait!)

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