Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Prepping For Our Couples Trip

The last few days Adam and I were able to take a quick snow skiing trip.  We've both skied before, but only in Colorado, so skiing in Utah was different but good. We'd been told to try skiing there because we could get a direct flight from Little Rock to Salt Lake and then only have a 30-40 minute drive from the airport to the ski slopes.  So, we thought we'd scout it out and see if it might be a good option for taking the kids next year.  The idea of a direct flight and the possibility of such a short drive to the slopes definitely caught our attention.

So several months ago we asked some friends if they'd want to join us and they did so we set about making arrangements and plans. We'd hoped to have that direct flight but instead, United changed our flight 3 or 4 times before we actually took off last Wednesday due to the inclement weather we'd had here in Little Rock.

In the days leading up to our departure, it snowed and snowed and snowed.  It actually had snowed more here in Arkansas then it had in Utah.  A day before we left I had to get out with the kiddos and get some last minute items, they were loving all the snow and the lack of school.

Our neighbors have lots of boys and they were all loving being home from school and playing in all the snowy goodness.  How cute are these guys (and girl)?




Leaving town, even if just for a few days, requires quite the coordination for a Momma. We are tremendously blessed to have parents who are willing to watch our kids for us so I tried to make it as easy and clear as possible. My email with all the instructions, school schedules, extra curricular activities, birthday parties (since there were two), basketball schedules, etc. were about three scrolls of a computer screen long. I know they must have thought I was crazy when they started reading through it all but I didn't want to miss anything, I figure its better to over communicate it rather then leave things up to guessing.

Before getting out of town I always try to leave the house clean, with fresh sheets, a cleaned out refrigerator, emptied trash cans, folded and organized laundry, etc. So on top of packing the regular items for the kids I also had to pack snow boots and all the gear for the inclement weather that was certain to come. I packed a tub full of toys, puzzles, school work and books (to keep the big boys busy during nap time). It was a huge feat to get the kids settled with all their gear and then to get my own stuff together.


Ava Jane wanted to get in on the house cleaning, if only her little vacuum actually picked up stuff we'd be in business!

The kids schedule this past weekend was super busy.   I felt bad leaving them with the grandparents with so many events, but it also kept them all busy and entertained.  Take Saturday for instance: Lawson had a basketball game at 9:00, Peyton ran in the Little Rockers race at 10:00 and then had his basketball game at noon.  Mid afternoon there was a slight break in the schedule then a fun pirate birthday party for a friend down on the submarine on the River.  So as you can imagine, with all the coordination that had to occur for all the kids to have rides to and from the different events, by the time I sat down on the plane Wednesday morning I was totally.worn.out!  But what a blessing to have the opportunity to go, we owe a big "Thank You" to our parents, we truly appreciate all their help!


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