Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Manic Monday in Review...

Well Monday, was just a little tiny bit crazy! I thought I was really being "with it" and together, Sunday night, before going to bed, I had everything mapped out for my Monday morning, all the bags ready to take the books and DVD's back to the library, the DVD's to drop off for Bible study later this week, my to do list of quick errands after I got out of my exercise class, snacks for the kids to eat while running all the above said errands.

I thought I was doing so good, before I left the house I'd written out all the important information for our parents to know while we're away on our trip, I'd gotten all the kids dressed and ready, myself ready for my Step Aerobics class, prepped the snacks, got everything in the car and began knocking out my list of things to accomplish. I ran to the library, dropped the DVD's by my friends house, dropped all the bikes and double jogger off at my parents house, ran to the bank to get some cash, drove to First Baptist (where I workout), pulled in and saw several of my friends cars and thought, "man I must be running late". I proceeded to get my posse out of the car, signed in, took my kids to the play area, walked into the gym with Ava Jane in her seat sleeping, to find my class was folding up the mats that we always do abs on and that's when I realized, I'm late, I've COMPLETELY missed my class, and I'm not just a little late, I'm a full hour late!! I've been going to this class for quite some time and it's ALWAYS been at 9:00, for some reason, yesterday morning, I had it in my head I just needed to be there by 10...I'm sure I gave my entire class a good laugh, at how ridiculous that was, but sometimes, my brain just can't quite keep up with the speed at which I try to accomplish my gynormous list of things to get done!

After praying with the group and having a good laugh with them about my stupidity, I went back and got my posse from the indoor play area, headed to the car and reloaded them. We ran to Caroline's Consignment (which is a great store for any of you Little Rocker's who haven't been there) cause she emailed me and said I had a check waiting on me...we drove all the way to the Heights, a mere 15 minutes from the church, but its in the totally opposite direction of anything else I needed to do. I pull up to the side of the cute little building to see the "CLOSED" sign hanging in the door...of course it was...it's only MONDAY, the ONLY day that's its EVER closed!! HUH, where is my brain??!! I proceed to drive back toward West Little Rock, I run through and get Adam's cleaning, come home, continue packing my kids stuff for the grandparents houses this week and trying to decide what to take to San Francisco, being that July is the coldest month there, really? Who would have thought? I'm up to my eye balls in my closet, when I realize, "crap" its 11:15 and the kids have a dentist appointment in an hour, I better fix them lunch real quick so they can eat and have time to brush their teeth real good before the doctor takes a look!!

So I leave my closet in somewhat of a heap and focus on feeding my kids, that should be simple right? Well, I look in my bread drawer only to find NO BREAD, we're out of fruit, and juice...people, I'm talking we're down to American sliced cheese and Ritz crackers, but you know what, the boys loved it, they made "cheese cracker sandwiches" and were happy as a lark to eat them and watch Super Why? Why would a Mama of four children not have pulled one of her three loaves of bread out of her freezer to thaw...who knows, but I didn't!

Anyway, you get the picture, that my day just kind of kept on giving...there was the dentist appointment, which actually went really well! All three boys did great! I was so impressed with Dr. Kitchens and his staff, they did a wonderful job and the kids had such fun playing with all the dump trucks, weaving in and out of the huge tree in the waiting room and watching the cartoons on the TV in the ceiling, it was a very pleasant experience, for which I'm oh so grateful!

I finally got everyone and everything situated that evening, I got my house picked up and vacuumed and my bathroom vanity all nice and clean (I love coming home to a clean house!) The kids are at my in laws for the first part of the week, and today, bright and early, we are headed to the airport! Our bags are packed, and we're leaving on a jet plane to celebrate (one month early) our 10 year wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe 10 years have almost passed! I can't wait to make more memories with Adam. It will be so fun to just be the two of us for the next 6 days, I'm super excited about some of the things we have planned, but honestly, just being able to sit in an airport and drink whatever I want, read whatever magazine I'd like, and just sit quiet without anyone pulling on me, needing me to get them a snack or juice or to come wipe their bottom, is going to be such a treat! I'm super excited!!

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