Sunday, July 14, 2013

San Francisco/Napa Trip Part 3

Friday we took a Bike and Roll tour of San Francisco. It was a 4 hour bike ride that took us all along the shore, up and across the Golden Gate Bridge and over to a quaint little town called Sausalito, for a total of 9 miles of biking. We rode the Ferry back to San Francisco, which my legs were oh so happy to do! It was quite foggy and cool the last few days we were there. It's pretty amazing how it can be cold and overcast in SF but when we got to Sausalito (which is just across the bay) the fog was burned off, the sky was clear and the sun was bright and shiny!

We rode to several of the piers and saw some people training for a triathlon, swimming in the hypothermic waters in nothing but a swimsuit, no wetsuits at all...I could hardly believe it, the water was less then 50 degrees, and literally if they stopped swimming the mile and half between the piers, they could die of was crazy to say the least, or maybe the nicer term would be to call them very determined. We could see Ghiradelli Square as well as ships coming into the bay.

We stopped for a little break right under the Golden Gate Bridge and watched guys trying to surf in the frigid waters, it was crazy because the water and shoreline is extremely rocky but that didn't seem to deter them at all!

Adam and I locked up our bikes and helmets and enjoyed walking the streets of Sausalito. It was so much warmer and really pleasant over there. We ate lunch at Venice Pizzeria, a pizza place right along the water then enjoyed a home made waffle cone and ice cream.

As we waited to board the Ferry back we got entertained by this character and his dog. He was strumming his guitar and "singing" the same line over and over, "I'm sittin' here in Sausalito, let your dog be a dog..."

Here's some shots of Sausalito from the Ferry.

It was another lovely day!

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