Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Well I must say, our trip was so much fun! I would highly recommend it and would gladly go again! It was relaxing and enjoyable just being with Adam doing whatever we wanted to do, was fabulous! I'm so grateful for the refreshment that we had and the memories we were able to make!

A huge thanks must go out to my parents and the Head's for being willing to take care of our precious cargo while we were away. What a blessing it is to be able to leave and not worry about the kids, it made the trip so much more enjoyable!

While we were away they did all kinds of fun things from The Museum of Discovery to the pool, to four wheeling and ice cream runs for dessert. The kids definitely enjoyed time with their grandparents!

Even Ava Jane got in on the ice cream at Baskin Robbins, I'm thinking she LOVED it!

I must say re-entry has been so much easier thanks to the fact that all the kids laundry was clean and ready to be hung up or put away in their drawers, how great it was to not have piles of laundry waiting for me. Thanks so much Mom and Donna for all your help!

Sometimes re-entry can be super difficult. To transition back into the whining and constant neediness of children can be quite overwhelming when you let yourself get used to the quiet for six or so days. It's really amazing how quiet the "quiet" is when you're used to as much noise as I have going on at any given moment! But honestly, I can say with no fibbing involved, that re-entry has gone really well. I was glad to get back and re-engage.

The thing I wasn't ready for was an ant invasion! Really, where in the world did all of these come from? And why, on Earth did they decide to invade this house? It was a death sentence (for them) from the start! So yesterday afternoon I had to throw out a TON of food because they were in everything: cereal boxes, crackers, peanut butter lids, etc...it all had to go, to my chagrin. Not exactly what I was looking forward to doing on my Monday back, but never the less, it had to be done!

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