Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day: Family Gathering

We had a lot of fun catching up and visiting with family, though everyone wasn't here, we missed those who couldn't make it! The kiddos had a blast playing together. With a five year old, two three year olds and two one year olds, it was all hands on deck at times...but they had fun and many memories were made! They did everything from jumping off the bunkbed ladder onto the blowup mattress to shooting each other with the nerf gun, playing chase up and down and all around and then when it got real quiet we'd wonder-- "where are the big boys?" and we found that Peyton was reading to Aiden and Lawson--how cute is that?! They really are great kids!

On Saturday Dad and Adam played golf, Lindsey and I took the kids to the McWane Center, while Mom and Aunt Debbi went Antique shopping and had lunch. We'd considered going to the zoo, but with 90 degree heat, we decided inside and air conditioned would be best for us and all the kids!

They really had fun at the Dinosaur Exhibit, getting to be a Palentologist digging for dinosaur bones, experiencing the wind tunnel in the Weather area, the Acquarium where they got to touch Hammer Head sharks and Sting Ray as well as getting to see all different types of fish and turtles...they really enjoyed it all!
May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012-001
May 22, 2012-002
May 22, 2012-003
May 22, 2012-004
May 22, 2012-005
May 22, 2012-007

We cooked out, and if I must say so myself, it was all very tastey! We enjoyed a good ole American barbecue with burgers, hotdogs, baked beans, potato salad (that was delicious, follow the link for the "world's best" recipe), homemade salsa and chips, and it wouldn't have been a Memorial Day cookout without some sliced watermelon. I made fruit skewers of large marshmellows, blue berries and strawberries then used floral foam covered in a cute Red, White and Blue star napkin to display it all. Then for dessert I served Strawberry Trifle (which was delightfully light yet yummy, you must try it!)
May 22, 2012-012
May 22, 2012-011
May 22, 2012-010
May 22, 2012-009

After our dinner coma the boys rough housed and wrestled, doing what boys do best! Then we played a few rounds of Hedbanz and that was pretty cute to watch! They loved the game.
May 22, 2012-013
May 22, 2012-015

This morning after the Nashville crew loaded up to head back home, we took the kids and let them ride bikes and play at a nearby park...they had a blast!
May 22, 2012-016
May 22, 2012-017
May 27, 2012
May 22, 2012-018
May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012-001

We were glad to have had a chance to catch up and visit, while remembering and praying for those who've fought for our freedoms so that we can enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with family! I am grateful for men like Warren McLellan (my great Uncle) who served many years with the US Navy and fought in World War II; for Warren "Dub" Head (Adam's grandfather) who served in the US Army with the 3rd Infantry Division and also fought in World War II; and I'm very proud of Adam (my husband) who served four and a half years as a Medical Service Officer with the 3rd Infantry Division as well, and spent a year deployed in Iraq. I am so thankful for men like these, who sacrificed the comforts of home and all things familiar to serve and fight for all the marvelous freedoms that I enjoy today...freedom to love and serve God as I choose, the ability to speak freely, to live freely and to enjoy all the benefits of being an American citizen..."Thank You" for your choices and sacrifices, I am forever grateful for what all these men and others who've gone before them have done!

Hope you have had a memorable Memorial Day Weekend!

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