Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ava Jane - Almost 24 weeks

Today I got to see sweet little Ava Jane again...here's her little profile!
Ava Jane 3

Though she didn't cooperate very good this time either. I did tell the Tech that since I had three boys I wanted to check again for "girl parts"...and sure as the world that little stinker kept those legs crossed, like any good girl should do, almost the entire time. I rolled from side to side and sat up and the Tech moved that wand all over the place! From the tiny peek that Ava Jane gave us, the Tech said she saw "labia"...I couldn't see anything real clearly, so I'm glad she knows what she's talking about and looking for! She did say that in 19 years she's only been wrong one time and it was due to mixed genitalia (that sounds terrible) but I guess it does happen.

Anyway, everything looked great. I had only gained 4 lbs up until this appointment so when I weighed in with almost 10 lbs gained in the last 4 weeks I almost died, but I think I'll blame it on the fact that we just got home from vacation! So at almost 24 weeks, 14 lbs isn't too bad, right? It does make me cringe and say "YIKES"! So here's my belly bump so far!

Dr. McKenzie did say that since all my kiddos were so close together that I'd most likely begin having very strong Braxton Hicks and that I'd probably have at least one unscheduled trip to the doctors office or hospital to check for preterm labor. I did go into preterm labor at 36 weeks with Lawson and was on bed rest for 2 weeks before he actually came. Guess we'll see when this little stinker wants to make her debut!

I do have to say I was shocked when he said this next appointment will be your last 4 week check, after that we'll begin doing every 2 weeks until 36 weeks when we'll start every week visits...CRAZY, how can I be this far along already...this pregnancy is literally flying by!

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  1. Court you look great! Hardly a bump at all! And Ava Jane's little profile is precious!


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