Tuesday, May 1, 2012

God is so Good!

I have walked with the Lord for many years, have had quiet times and daily moments spent studying His word, but sometimes He seems more real then others, and sometimes it seems I don't get any kind of response. Recently I have been learning new and rich things from the Lord...realizing just how desperate I am for His daily renewal and forgiveness. I've been humbled by the areas in my life that He's shown me that I need to turn over to Him, but have also been given a renewed zeal, a new excitement and was totally edified this morning as God's words kept flooding my mind with truths, truths that were so pertinent to me, God's word really is living and active! I'm grateful for a God who is willing to meet with me (moment by moment), speak to me (daily) and work with me (all the time).

If you need a little pick me up from the truth of God's word, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the worship CD's from here.


They are contemporary music with straight scripture as the lyrics. I honestly bought them for the kids as a way to learn and memorize scripture easier, but oh.my.goodness, its been so WONDERFUL not just for them but for me as well! I find myself singing along at the top of my lungs and the best part is the verses continue to ring in my ears all day. We have 3 of the CD's and my boys have memorized most of them, they are continually playing in my car. I'm in awe of what the boys have learned, but am encouraged by how the verses have ministered to me at the same time! I can't say enough wonderful things about Seeds of Worship, their CD's are not sold in stores so you'll have to purchase them online. The best part is that they send two copies of the CD when you order so you can give one away to a friend or neighbor, "planting seeds" for them as well, so they too can have God's word playing in their ears and resting on their hearts!

Be encouraged today, God does and WILL meet with us, we must truly seek Him and also lay down the things that hinder and keep us from fully relying on Him!

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