Friday, June 1, 2012

Organization.....Or Nesting?!

I've not had a chance to blog this week because I've literally cleaned out most every nook and cranny in the house this week, and with no child care, these two jobs kept me crankin' all week long! I'm gonna try and tackle our cedar closet in the basement tomorrow, we'll see how that goes. But here's a little taste of what I've done...I'm feeling quite accomplished and I love opening every closet door...everything has a place!

What does it mean when you can fill the ENTIRE back end of your Suburban with things for the Salvation Army AND you can fill up a massive trash can too? Maybe we have too much stuff!
June 1, 2012

It feels so good to purge our clutter of things I've been holding onto "just in case"...I'm gonna let someone else enjoy those things. The best part was letting Peyton help me clean out his and Lawson's room (during nap time) there were SO many toys that he started really getting into giving his things away to others, I think he began to realize how much he really has! It's a good lesson to learn.

Two shelves in my pantry house all our craft and school stuff, it was constantly cluttered and I was always having to dig for certain items...I found this clear shoe organizer at Walmart for a whopping $5.87 so I promptly bought it and filled it with all our craft materials. It makes me so happy each time I open the door, I can see and FIND everything!
June 1, 20122

Here's one of my finished projects from the week!

The little cubby that now houses all my stickers says it all...


  1. wow, you got a ton accomplished! I need some of your motivation over here ;)

  2. Next up - Courtney needs to nest at Carol's house!

  3. Could you come home and spend a week helping me! I know you are loving how it looks and feels!


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