Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautiful Beach...Fabulous Family!

We had the most wonderful vacation with Adam's family, we were so busy making precious memories that I'm just now catching up on our time was everything a vacation should be...restful, invigorating, relaxing, fun times, edifying conversations and happy memories made! Here's where we stayed at Navarre Beach, it was fabulous...we enjoyed our views, the very cozy hammock and all the bike riding...
May 19, 20123-001
May 19, 20123-002
May 19, 20123-004
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Cousins, Emerson and JoJo, got into lots of things together...and they enjoyed being laid back in their highchairs eating handfuls of just about anything!
May 19, 20124-004

Adam and I got to enjoy a Date Night out in Destin and we had such fun just sitting at a nice quiet dinner enjoying our crab legs and fresh fish as the beautiful big boats came into the harbor. It's nice to have an uninterrupted conversation, thanks Poppy and Grammy for babysitting our little peeps!

We enjoyed more great beach time...
May 19, 20124
May 19, 20123-005
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Poppy and Peyton flew a kite together...
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The pool was really fun too...
May 19, 20124-003
May 19, 2012

I've never actually gone out at dusk to look for crabs...the kids thought this was so much fun...there were tons of little white crabs crawling all over the place, here's our first catch in the bottom of the bucket...
May 19, 20122
May 19, 20123

Here's the view at dusk and my sweet Mother in Law and Me...
May 19, 20124-006

It wouldn't be a Head Family trip without some visit to the ER or walk-in clinic...Lawson who struggles with chronic ear infections got yet another one on vacation and was running fever off and on for a few days but after his antibiotics kicked in he was more himself...and poor Jojo got a fever virus too, but we made the most of our time and the kiddos were troopers!

We did go into Pensacola for a fun dinner out at was very tastey!
May 19, 20124-002
May 19, 20121-001
May 19, 20121

What a marvelous trip we had...we so enjoyed our time there and were not ready to get back into reality...Thank you Lord for the blessing of time to relax and enjoy Your creation, You are so good to us!!

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  1. So glad you guys had such a wonderful trip!


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