Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Resurrection Activity: Day 4-Sadness and the Color Purple

Today we read Mark 14:32-51, 15:1-20 and portions of Matthew 26:47-68. The whole time I was reading these accounts I had their complete and total attention. They couldn't believe the soldiers who had come with swords and clubs to beat Jesus, they were shocked that Peter cut off the soldiers ear, but they were struck by all the beatings that Jesus took (with the flogging and then again with the staff).

I decided to read it all to them, the whipping, Jesus' clothes being ripped off, them putting the purple robe on Him, the mocking and spitting, the crown of thorns and the beating with the staff...they were able to absorb most of what I was telling them. Peyton asked lots of questions and even began to personalize the account in the Garden of Gethsemane when Judas betrayed Jesus saying, "Mom, that'd be like Hayes (his really good friend) leaving me all alone in the back yard and telling bad guys where I was so they could come and get me!" By verbalizing it this way, I think he was able to more aptly understand what Jesus must have been feeling as His "friend" gave him over to the authorities.

Lawson kept asking "why did Jesus do that?"...

For our activity, we focused on the color purple and used the senses sight and touch. We talked about how the color represents royalty and how the Roman soldiers were mocking Him when they placed the purple robe on Jesus. We talked about how Jesus truly is the King, our King so we did a "mosaic" of sorts using tissue paper that I'd cut into little squares and glued them to a black piece of construction paper.
Picnik collage
I'd pre-drawn the shape of a cross and told the boys to fill it in with the royal color purple-recalling that Jesus is royal because He is THE KING!
Picnik collage
And yet again, here's a quote from the blog where I got these ideas, that I thought totally summed everything up very nicely..."The King that was gentle and humble enough to be made fun of, was also strong enough to endure it all and be alive today!" Thanks you Jesus for all you went through on our behalf! We are so grateful!

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