Monday, April 16, 2012

Drum Roll Please....

For all my coaching group friends from Little Rock, whom we've all had boys (except for Katie), I want to scream from the roof tops...we're having a GIRL!! May I present to you, Ava Jane Head (she'll go by a double name.) She currently weighs in at 7oz, everything looks great and she is still on track to arrive Sept 20th. (This picture is a side profile shot, her profile is along the bottom...unfortunately its not a great pic but she wasn't cooperating very well!)
Ava Jane 1

We are totally over the moon about it! Honestly when I woke up this morning, I prayed again to God, "Lord would you please give me a girl?" I know you "can" but "would" You?

When we got to the appointment Adam said, "I'm more nervous to find out today then when we were finding out the first time with Peyton!" I said, "why" and he said, "well if its another boy, my, what a responsibility God's given us with four sons...but if its a girl, I'll be learning all new things with a girl!" Either way, moving on to four little peeps does seem a bit overwhelming and exciting all at the same time!

As I laid on the table with the Ultrasound Tech doing her thing, after about 25 minutes of prodding and having me roll from side to side, sitting up, laying back down, just trying to get that little peep to spread its legs or roll over, the Tech said to me and Adam, "you see that right there" (I was sure it was testicles) she said, "you see those little white lines...those are little girl parts!" (on the picture the white lines going up toward the top are her thigh bones). Anyway, I just about died, tears filled my eyes and Adam and I both were over joyed. I did have her check 3 more times...she said to me, that in 19 years of doing this she's only been wrong once...I'd say that's pretty good odds then!
ava jane 2

I only have these few pictures of her profile and her girl parts because the CD they used messed up, so in 4 more weeks I get to go back and have another ultrasound and will post more cute pictures of her sucking her thumb and waving to us, which she did this morning!

We are over the top excited and the boys are thrilled! Peyton has been saying all along that the baby was going to be a girl...guess he just had an intuition!

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers, we can't wait to meet this sweet little blessing!


  1. I am still sitting here grinning. Oh. My. Goodness. This is so exciting!

  2. I am so so excited for you! a little girl will bring a whole new level of cuteness and drama to your sweet family!

  3. wonderful news!!! I'm so excited for you

  4. i am crying!! i am so happy for you!! yay!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay!!! So excited!! This made my day! Praying for you and sweet Ava Jane!!

  6. So excited for you! I can't stop smiling! Happy,happy news!

  7. You have broken the chain of boy production :-). Congrats!

  8. Take it from a mom of 4 GIRLS....those parts are CLEARLY little girl parts! You will have so much fun with Ava Jane! So exciting!


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