Monday, December 19, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We took off for a few days of snow skiing with the kids and my parents. Since we were driving from Little Rock to Breckenridge Colorado, which is a 15 and a 1/2 hour drive, we decided to do it through the night in hopes that the kids would sleep through a good portion of it!
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Here's a beautiful shot of the Colorado sunrise that I awoke to the first time! : )
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I do have to say over all it went well, though there was an hour there somewhere in Kansas where Lawson had a really hard time going to sleep and I will be honest, since I couldn't put my hands on the Benadryl, we stopped and got some Dramamine, half a pill later and a with a little more restlessness, he was out and resting soundly!

We arrived in Breckenridge to a beautiful, sunny, 41 degrees, absolutely perfect weather! We all went and rented our skis and boots then Mom and I made the necessary grocery run!
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Getting fitted and ready!

We rented a ski in/walk out condo right at the base of Breckenridge, and its worked out great...with all the kids equipment to carry on top of ours, having to only walk a few yards made it convenient.

Here we were giving instructions and getting the boys prepped...we chose to use a harness with Lawson, its kind of like a leash for your dog, but we for sure didn't want him to get away from us!
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We had to take a little break at the lodge for hot chocolate and snacks!
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Here's crazy cute Lawson!
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Here's Peyton and I coming off one of the lifts, he did great!
We got to celebrate Dad's birthday today! Happy Birthday Dad (G-Dad)!
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It was a very enjoyable first day, the boys are excited to "go snowing" again tomorrow!


  1. AHHH!! So cute! Looks like you guys are having a great time!

  2. So fun! This reminds me of when I was little learning! So glad y'all made it there in one piece! I wondered about how the drive would go! Have so much fun, and soak up some beautiful snowy mountains for me! ;)


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