Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 2 of Skiing!

Well, day two of our ski trip held much improvement. Peyton actually was able to ski on his own (not in between our skis) today. He had several good falls but he was doing it on his own and was so proud of it! He kept saying, "Look at me Mom, I'm a good skier now!" Lawson is still skiing between our legs, because doing the wedge (or "pizza") seems very difficult for his little legs, it works for now, but let me tell you, my quads are burning from wedging with him between my legs...trying to go side to side doesn't go too well because his skis tend to go under mine, so needless to say, my legs are burning out! We haven't fallen yet and I hope we don't! Adam and I are definitely getting our workouts in, who needs P90X when you're skiing with little ones!!

We did a handful of runs today before lunch so I didn't get as many pictures, but here's a couple of all of us at the top of the mountain.

It was another beautiful day, and Peyton was so cute on one of the lifts, he said "look at those beautiful mountains that God made!" It melted my heart! And yes, being here reminds you of just how big God is to have been able to create such majestic mountains, the massive green trees and the beautiful snow...what a marvelous God we serve!

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