Monday, October 10, 2011

Time in Little Rock...Parks and a Surprise Party!

The boys got to stay with Gigi and G-Dad as well as Grammy and Poppy, while Adam and I were in DC. They had a blast, that is once we had what seems like our regular trip with a child to the ER to have breathing treatments! We had to take Lawson into Children's early Tuesday morning because he woke up several times in the night sounding terribly wheezy and struggling to breath. After three albuterol treatments and several rounds of steroids, they let us go home, which was such a blessing!

They were with my parents the first few days and got to enjoy many rides on my Dad's four wheeler and several trips to the park as well. One day they had a picnic lunch at Pinnacle Mountain State Park where they walked the Kingfisher Trail.
G-Dad was the tour guide and was pointing out all the diffent animals they saw along the way...
Picnik collage
Then they came across, that was an exciting moment for the boys, they'd never seen a snake that large out in the was a big hit!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
They thought the playground was a lot of fun!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Here's proof that Gigi was there too...keeping the food coming to sweet Emerson!
Picnik collage
Just chillin' in G-Dad's chair, probably watching Zaboomafoo!
Before we left town we got to hang out down at Murray Park with Adam's family; the boys thought the playground was so cool!
They had fun sliding...
Picnik collage
And running through the tunnels...
Lawson wanted to jog along with Adam...both boys caught up with him and had to "take a break" and walk!
Picnik collage
Me and my sweet boy!
Me, Grace and Donna
I think a good time was had by all! Here's Peyton, Poppy holding Emerson, Grace, and Donna holding Lawson

And then there was a SURPRISE!!
Adam planned a little get together for my 30th birthday (though I'm not officially 30 til Oct. 21st), it was so fun to see friends and catch up a bit!
Grammy with both of her grandbaby's (Jojo and Emerson)
My brother and sister in law, Joseph and Molly
The "sororiety" pic! I love you girls so much!
I was supposed to be having dessert with Christy, so when the doorbell rang and there were all these people standing outside my parents house, I was completely shocked! It was such fun for me! Thanks Adam, Mom and Christy for planning it and pulling it off so well!!


  1. so sad I missed it! I was out of town so there was no way for me to come down :( Love you and miss you friend!


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