Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Fall Y'all

It's hard to believe that Fall is upon us! Here's how I've decorated for it so far...

The boys enjoyed helping put up the scarecrow, and setting out the pumpkins...although Peyton got a hold of one of the pumpkins and decided it needed a face...and it got one...which means he took a permanent black marker to it and drew two eyes, a nose and a mouth...I love my little artist but I have had to turn that side to the back!

I filled my apothecary jars with dried beans, split peas and corn...for an affordable fall look and placed a couple pumpkins around them.

For these arrangements I used some stiff, iridescent leaf-print fabric from JoAnne's and cut it into squares. I had two large clear vases that I wrapped the fabric around and used raffia to tie a loose knot. I used some bear grass, small cattails along with curly willow to finish off my mantle.

I made these adorable pumpkin rice crispy treats for the boys preschool today, they turned out pretty cute, and there were no leftovers so I guess they were a hit! All you do is follow the recipe for Rice Crispy Treats, then use red and yellow food coloring to make the mixture orange. Then, with buttered hands, roll it into small balls ("pumpkins") then use tootsie rolls cut in half to make the "stems". For the leaves, you just use a few tablespoons of confectioners sugar and water then add green food coloring, put it in a piping bag and create your was super quick and easy!

We pulled out my leaf shaped cookie cutters and the boys enjoyed some PlayDoh time...
Couldn't get him smiling with his eyes open...oh well!

On another note, I've been trying to actually make time for some craftiness, so I tried my hand at making a Hog Football for my front door and since football takes place in the fall, I decided to put the picture in this post. I'm sure after the game last weekend, our Auburn neighbors were sick to see this hanging on my door. The Lowery's and us may have been the only ones cheering for the Hogs in the state of Alabama, but all I've got to say is "Woo Pig Sooiieee!" So proud to be a Hog fan!!


  1. love it! Especially that burlap football! SOOO cute!

  2. It is all so cute! Nice work - and happy fall to you guys!

  3. All such cute crafts! I just LOVE this time of year--it makes me happy!


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