Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soccer Success!

Ok, so we've now entered the world of sports, with the evening practices and early morning Saturday games. We signed Peyton up for the Hoover Soccer League and were thinking it'd be a good way for him to begin learning the concept of being on a team and cooperation, you know, all the things parents hope their kids will learn and appreciate. Well the first practices came and went with lots of smiles and "it's so fun, Dad!" So we were quite hopeful that he'd perform well his first game since all of Adam's family was gonna be here to see it.

Oh, I must say,that initial game was another step down the oh so humbling road of being a parent! Here's Peyton before the game playing with his ball, then during the game Peyton and Dalton were getting a pep talk from Coach Brown.
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Peyton is definately not an aggresive child, and he's quite shy, so being out on a field with tons of screaming parents and with many other soccer games going on all at the same time, was stimuli overload for him to say the least. The child literally stood almost frozen on the field every time Coach Brown put him in...he'd be doing either of two things: looking up into the blue sky or squating down on the field, presumably resting!

Oh, and poor Adam, try as he might, kept going over to the sidelines three or four times to do a pep talk...finally he gave up because he was all out of pep.

But then we had our second game, and it was a 100% difference!
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He engaged the ball...

Ran around on the field...

And all in all, had a really great time!

It was so fun to see him get in there and go for it! We are so proud of him! After the game he kept saying, "Mom, are you so proud of me?!" And of course I was, he had tried...he had improved...and we got to see the joy on his face!

Lawson, whom we've always described as "intense" would gladly get out on the field, run around and score a goal...we have to bring a soccer ball along for him to play with during the game. Here are some pics of our little want-to-be!
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  1. Love it!!! Keep 'um coming. Photos are grreat!!! Give those up and coming soccer players HUGS from GIGI!

  2. Cute pics Court! I especially love the one of him running with the ball smiling straight at the camera.

  3. Hilarious! I am so glad he recovered and enjoyed the game - great pictures!


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