Friday, May 20, 2011

We went strawberry picking!

Today was a lot of fun and something I've personally never done before! I took the kids and went with some friends from our playgroup to Marsh Farms to pick home-grown strawberries! It was quite a little trek out there (45 minutes in the car one way...thankfully we had the DVD player to keep us all content!)

Apparently strawberries are available all year long, but when you visit one of the pick-your-own farms north of Birmingham in the spring and pick a gallon of the fresh beauties from the ground in which they grow, the flavor - and enjoyment - reaches new heights! When you sit down to snack on a few of the brilliant berries, you appreciate what God has created. You also take a little pride knowing that you actually picked and brought home a terrific treat to enjoy, whether it's just for eating out of your hand, or enjoying in a luscious strawberry shortcake! For novice pickers, like myself, I must say, it's easily done, requiring only that you bend down to take the berries from the plants. Most farms provide you with a container for holding the berries you pick, and usually a full basket equals one gallon; one gallon for a mere $9...that's pretty good don't you think?! So if you get the chance to "pick-your-own" take advantage, it's certainly a tastey treat, and makes for a fun memory!


Here are some pics from our adventure! Now all I need to do is decide, what am I gonna do with all these strawberries...pies, jam, or good ole strawberry shortcake, who knows...there are so many options!

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Enjoying a little treat straight from the ground...a little dirt never hurt anyone, right?!!

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