Monday, May 9, 2011

My small house fire...Happy Mothers Day!

Well, I woke up yesterday morning to my sweet boys and husband wishing me a very Happy Mother's Day. They had made a cute recordable card and had bought a new set of pots and pans for me...(I am severely disappointed in my VERY expensive Calphalon set...NEVER AGAIN!) Anyway, I pulled the big box out of the pretty gift bag and set it up on my cooktop stove to examine my looked like a nice set of pots and pans and I thanked the boys for their thoughtfulness! I set about getting my breakfast and kept smelling this burning smell..."what is that" I kept asking myself! Well, when I turned around and saw the burner bright red and smoke coming up out of the box, I FREAKED out! Yes, it was smoking pretty strong and ashes were flying off...I thought it was out then I realized I was still seeing little flicks of fire, so I grabbed a cup and threw water all over the box, my counter and of course it ran off onto the floor! I guess I must have hit the burner's knob when I was lifting the box up out of the gift sack! Finally I had the fire completely out, but not without a complete mess in the kitchen! Black ash was all over the counter, cabinets and floor...LOVELY! To top it off we were running a bit late for church so I had to leave the mess to clean up after we got home! When we returned it still smelled like a bon fire in our house, so we had the doors and windows open for a while! It's never a dull moment here...I decided to take a few pics to document the ordeal; I'd already cleaned up the mess when I thought to take pictures. Enjoy!

My lovely new pots (stainless with no NON-STICK!)

Glad I liked them, cause there was no taking them back in this condition!

Here's a close up!

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  1. what calphalon pots did you have? they have a life time warranty on the expensive set. that's the set we have, and i need to replace two of the pots since the non-stick stuff is coming off.


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