Friday, May 13, 2011

End of School Program

Peyton had his end of the year school program, it was so fun to get to see all the kids singing the songs they'd been learning throughout the year during music and chapel. The songs were sweet but the kids reactions up on stage were priceless, especially my sons! He was just fine til I stood up to get a better picture and he saw me...from that point on it was hands in the mouth or on his face, sheepishly standing there, not singing or participating, he just stood there seeming to be very embarrassed, oh well!

Peyton and I in front of some of his art in his classroom

Here Peyton's acting embarrassed! He has a thing for the little red head, her name is Madelyn...
Picnik collage

Here's his class picture...look at his expression!

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  1. Court, what a great picture of you and Peyton!


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