Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Bike Ride

Today was a great day to be outside, so we decided to pack up all the peeps and load up not one but TWO SUV's with all the equipment and head out for an adventure! I know it sounds crazy, but we couldn't get it all in the suburban, we may need to get a bike rack that fits into the trailer hitch...seriously, when you have an adult size bike, a bike trailer for Lawson to ride in, a kids size bike for Peyton, a stroller for the baby, along with all your little begin to run out of room!

We went to a lovely part of Birmingham called Homewood, its very quaint and has a great walking/biking trail that's nice and wide and mostly flat, which is a plus! Peyton had a blast getting to ride "very fast"...he has gained a lot of confidence recently and is enjoying the freedom he has when he's riding! Lawson loved just cruisin' in the trailer, snacking on wheat thins and sipping on juice...what a life! Adam and I switched off pushing the stroller and riding the bike...we really did have a fun time just getting out and enjoying the day before it got too brutally hot!

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

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  1. I love that it took two cars to get everything there!


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