Wednesday, June 14, 2017

See Ya Later

In my military life, I learned not to say "Goodbye" but rather, "See Ya Later", it's just a whole lot easier for me to think about it that way.  So when a good friend and her husband finally decided to make a family move to Texas (after many years of debate and prayer), I decided to try and put together a little Girls Night Out, to gather, celebrate and say "See Ya Later."

I met Emily Helm several years back through our kids elementary school.  Upon my first encounters with her, I knew we would be fast friends.  She is kind and thoughtful, encouraging and always willing to help.  She is one of the most patient people I know and she truly desires to love God, her husband and kids to the very best of her ability.  She's a wonderful friend and I will miss running into her and seeing her regularly.  I had the privilege of having her as a member of my Bible Study group for two years in a row and always appreciated her willingness to be open and transparent, to share from her heart all that God was showing her.  Then this last year we were in another Bible study group together and getting to hear all that God was teaching her as we sat around that dining room table was always encouraging.   Getting to watch as God began to shine His light little by little on the path He was preparing for their family, has been so fun to observe.  So, though its bitter sweet that today, she and her family are being packed up and loaded as I type, I'm thrilled for the fact that she will get to be near all of her extended family.  Having personally lived far from family for many years, I know that the fact that she gets to be minutes away from her parents and sisters, and that her kids and their cousins will be able to have regular play dates, just thrills my heart!

Jeri (our small group leader) had her table set so beautifully and we had ordered a very tasty cake from Mickey's that we all enjoyed after a delicious meal from Taziki's.  It was fun just being around the table one more time simply talking and laughing together.
Hearing these women share how and when they'd met Emily and what we love most about her was really fun!
For me, I will always be grateful for Emily sharing a Bible study called The Daily Walk, I'd never heard of it, but it has been a game changer for me.  You can purchase the book or you can get the App, which is what I use, and I.LOVE.IT!  It has you read chronologically through the Bible in one year.  I've tried to read through the entire Bible three times now but never made it all the way through, due to the fact that I couldn't keep up with my daily Bible readings while also keeping up with my Bible study group material.  I have literally been in or been leading a Bible study group every year since I was in the 7th grade, so for twenty-two years now, what?!!!  (How can that be?)  I always love the encouragement from being around other believers and studying God's word together, but I've decided for the rest of this year, I plan to stay steady with The Daily Walk so that I can make it all the way through this time.  Going straight through God's word, reading it and asking the Lord to show me new things has been really awesome and honestly, I have found myself craving to read and understand more of who God is and who I am because of what He's done.  The study does a great job of giving a little depth of insight but also has personal application questions that I may or may not have thought about as I was reading through the chapters.  If you're at all interested in reading through the Bible, I would highly recommend this study, it's been very eye opening.  I will always be grateful to Emily for telling me about it and for how God has truly put a hunger in my heart to spend more time with Him.  
Emily, I am thankful that God had our paths cross so many years ago and will always be grateful for our friendship.  May God bless and keep you, may His light shine down upon you and fill you with peace as you begin this new journey.  I'm praying for you and Ryan as you make this move, know you are dearly loved and are always welcome to visit (and I just may have to take you up on your guest house out back!)  Love you sweet friend!

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