Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sweet Summertime

We spent Memorial Weekend at Lake Ouachita and kicked off our start to summer there.  The kids were literally counting down the days till we could pack up and leave town.  Going to the lake truly is a stress reliever for Adam and its a really fun activity to do as family, the memories we've made with our kids will last a lifetime and I look forward to making many more!

Here's a little taste of our weekend.
We had most of our meals out on the covered deck over looking the water, it was quiet and serene, we  all enjoyed our time there.
Lake time with the three amigos looked something like this.  They set sail on an unknown adventure out into "Wakeboard" cove.
Ava Jane was beside herself to tube with the boys this first time!  Last summer she hardly ever wanted to tube, this kick-off weekend, she couldn't get enough of that yellow and orange package full of fun!
There were some beach balls and a volleyball net to play with, so the kids kept busy while we grilled burgers and hotdogs. How cute is my girl?
When I asked Emerson what he wanted on his hamburger, meaning, mustard or ketchup, cheese or no cheese, all he said was "just the ham Mom."  We all died laughing...he didn't even know why we thought he was so funny!  This will forever be one of those quotes I'll remember him saying when he was a kid (and in case I forget, I've got it documented here.)
Ava Jane ruled the pool, no one else was using it the whole weekend...could it have been because the water was some 65-70 degrees....but who cares, right?!  Not the four year old!
The kids were glad to get to spend the weekend with my parents.
We had dinner at Cajun Boiler's, where I enjoyed eating a plate full of crab legs; I don't do that very often, but I sure do enjoy when I do!!  

My sweet girl, was pretty tired after a fun day on the water, she zoned out for a bit while we waited for our appetizers, I couldn't resist snapping this sweet picture.
While Ava Jane zoned out, Lawson thought it'd be fun to take my cracked shells and play with the claw from my crab legs.  He went so far as to try and attach it to my Dad's ear lob, then tried to look surprised at the occurrence.

And after our dinner we decided to take a sunset cruise and I snapped this picture before we took off.  These little people of mine, truly make my heart want to burst. As I see how big they are getting and realize I simply have eight more of these summers with Peyton before he heads off for college or full time job responsibilities, my heart wants to break but it also inspires me to make the most of these days.  To try and soak up each little morsel of time that I have been given and to make the memories, get wet even when the waters cold, to ride in the tube, laugh at the crazy and just enjoy what God has so graciously blessed me with.   So, here's to sweet summer time and to more memory making!

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  1. Such wonderful pictures, Courtney! Have a wonderful summer!


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