Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sugar Plum Ball 2016

Yesterday was Ava Jane's first Sugar Plum Ball.  She enjoyed picking out this red dress and wearing her new black "high heel" shoes--she loved how they clicked and clacked across our hardwood floors and thought she was a big girl for sure.  Adam gave her a corsage to wear, which she liked at first, then decided she didn't really want to wear it the rest of the night.
How cute are these two?  This girl surely loves her Daddy and her Daddy is wrapped around her little finger most certainly!
We gathered up with several of our friends, Ava Jane, Julianna and London Kate were so cute!

We took group pictures then the Daddy's and Daughters then they took off for the Purple Cow.  That turned out to be a a poor choice, as it took to get their food and ticket, but I think Ava Jane enjoyed going there none the less.
After that, they headed down to the Statehouse Convention Center where the Festival of Trees was in full swing and dancing the night away was taking place.  Ava Jane had a fabulous time dancing around.  Here's a little taste of the fun she had.
Here, Adam and Ava Jane were trying out the move from Dirty Dancing as the song "Time of My Life" played through the speakers.  I'm pretty sure this little girl was on cloud nine having her Daddy's complete and undivided attention all night long.  I'm so thankful they got to have an evening together and that she was made to feel like a princess!  A memory was definitely made and I hope many more like these will be in their future.

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