Saturday, June 4, 2016

First Lake Trip of the Summer

My family loves going to the lake, being on the water, spending time together tubing, skiing, knee boarding and wake boarding.  Its really a great family centered activity that we can all enjoy so, at the end of last year we decided to purchase a boat.  We waited til closer to summer time to purchase all the necessities, so a few weeks back we went and loaded up.  I wish this picture did the shopping excursion justice, it simply does not!  We had ropes for skiing, ropes for the wake board, ropes for the tube, ropes for anchors and tying to the dock.  We had life vests and a tube, a wakeboard a knife for emergencies, safety kits for those inevitable moments and much much more.  We'd already started loading items into the back of my suburban when Adam's parents randomly showed up and saw us with all this gear which literally wouldn't all fit in the car so thankfully they took the skies home for us.

After getting all the gear, we were certainly ready to try it out.  So we headed to the lake the past two weekends and enjoyed being on the water, making more memories and watching the kids enjoy what we have come to love!  This summer we are staying at Ouachita Shores, the owner is super kind, helpful and the bungalows have nice accommodations.

The boys were super excited to finally be at the lake, even though the water was a bit chilly, that certainly did not deter them!

We even got Peyton and Lawson up at the same time which was super fun to watch...I'm hoping to do more of this throughout the summer.  Both were nervous that they were going to hit the other one so they didn't last too long, but I was thrilled that they even tried!

Adam and Dad gave the new rack a good go on the wakeboards and I think they enjoyed themselves. Getting action shots is hard, but this gives you an idea of what they did.  There was a little air caught and lots of fun being had.

My Dad loves Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone, so Adam has been super excited to get him behind the boat as the speakers blared the Top Gun hit. I'm pretty sure he had a lot of fun back there!

Little Momma here, sat on the back platform for quite a while debating about whether or not to get fully submerged; the water was really cold.  I did however, get in and enjoyed my first pull behind our boat, though my facial expressions in all the pictures says otherwise.

Whitney gave it a go on both the slalom and the wakeboard, she's still got it!

Our days at the lake were fun just chillin' and hanging out.

Our last night we went out and took a sunset cruise, it was a beautiful sky for sure, but extremely chilly.

Being at the lake is always pretty relaxing but just cruising around watching the sunbeams last glow as they shined down from heaven, really was a spectacular sight.  To be able to enjoy Gods amazing creation with all the people I love, truly was a privilege. 


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